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Best environmental podcasts

The sustainability topic, along with climate change, while popular, is joined by even more voices through podcasts and other educational channels. People want to know facts about the climate science, they want to know how to make a difference, and help the planet in the impactful way. Hearing the demand (pun intended), the market for science-backed and entertaining podcasts is growing fast. I wanted to list some good podcasts below, but feel free to throw some of your favorites in the comments, so I can add them to the post! Sharing is caring!


Circular with Katie Treggiden

Available on Spotify. From the bio:

I’m Katie Treggiden and this is Circular, a podcast exploring the intersection of craft, design, and sustainability. Join me as I talk to the thinkers, doers, and makers of the circular economy.

How to Save a Planet

Available on Spotify.

An amazing place to not only listen about dreadful facts about a dying planet, but on how to forge that dread into a motivation to do some good deeds, so that we can, as a humanity, get our shit together.

Best environmental podcasts
Best environmental podcasts


Available on Apple Podcasts. From the bio:

Whether it’s dismantling the fossil fuel industry, creating a solar-powered utopia or simply desiring to hear more birds in the sky than planes, this is Idealistically. The podcast where activists, artists, scientists, influencers and more are asked what they would idealistically want, in an ideal world, to inspire more people to start creating radical visions of the future. 

For What It’s Earth

Available on the For What It’s Earth page. From the bio:

Environment, climate change and sustainability podcast making big issues bite-sized. 

TED Climate

Everyone knows the TED Talks, but not everyone knows that they are sharing some of their shorter talks about climate and climate change on Spotify.

Again – if you have your favorites, share them below, so we can add them to the list! 📈

Best environmental podcasts
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